Leeteuk and Eunhyuk comment on Lee Seung Gi’s drinking habits

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Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk and fellow member Eunhyuk had some words to say about host Lee Seung Gi’s drinking habits on the most recent episode of Strong Heart.

Apparently, despite being part of the same show for some time now, the three just recently got together to hang out in their personal time. Co-host Kang Ho Dong expressed some disappointment at not being invited, asking Lee Seung Gi: “You recently had a get-together around Chung-dam-dong didn’t you?”

Leeteuk commented, “We promised to meet, but I was hesitant to the very end. Up until an hour before we were supposed to meet, we kept asking each other, ‘Are we really meeting up?’ It was my first time meeting a fellow entertainer friend on an unofficial occasion so it was a bit awkward.”

He went on to say, “We were all bothered by who would pay for the drinks. I was supposed to pay since I was the oldest, but Lee Seung Gi said, ‘I’m the one who got everyone together so I’ll pay. You guys can pay the next time we meet.’ In the end, Lee Seung Gi paid.”

Kang Ho Dong commented, “I guess Eunhyuk was the most comfortable,” to which Lee Seung Gi replied, “Eunhyuk can’t drink so he only had some cola so it would have been unfair for him to pay.”

Eunhyuk and Leeteuk then went on to reveal a bit of Lee Seung Gi’s drinking habits stating, “If you see how much he drank, it was only right that he paid! To our surprise, he’s actually quite the drinker and braggart.”

Kang Ho Dong chimed in as well saying, “Lee Seung Gi is surprisingly manly. His alcohol tolerance is extremely high.”

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