Super Junior is scheduled to come out in August, whose experimental image changes are highly expected

SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s agency, announced on July 20 that Super Junior, which has emerged as a global star gaining high popularity in Europe, North America and South America, not to mentionAsia, will come out with its regular fifth album on August 3.

The concert tour covering from the US to Europe, under the title of SMTOWN LIVE, has garnered explosive responses from local fans there. Among the Korean singers, Super Junior played pivotal roles in spreading K-pop across the world. They’re now prepared to come out with their highly anticipated regular fifth album.

Super Junior’s album comes out in 14 months since the release of its fourth album on May last year, which is expected to show off far improved performances and music quality fully equipped with diverse appeals of each member.

With the D-day nearing, Eunhyuk, one of the members of Super Junior, released his changed image for the new album: the experimental combination of a red outfit and a golden hair, definitely suggestive of Lady Gaga, a famous global pop star. Staring from Eunhyuk’s transformed look, a series of the preposterous teaser images of each member will be revealed in order.

Super Junior expressed their determined resolutions with the release of the new album just a few days ahead: “We’ve spent much time and efforts in creating this album, so we’ll be very confident not to let your expectation down. We really want to communicate with fans across the world with the music and performances tailored for the latest trend. Please give us your interest and support.”

Source: By Choi Bo-ran ( Star News (Original article in Korean) || Translated by Geum Jae /| Take out from sup3rjunior.wordpress
posted Sói@bcwithsj13


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