[110721] Heechul “Received mental impact because of voice cracking during SJ activities, courage returned after formation of M&D”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed that he was able to fulfill his dream in music again by doing activities as M&D.

Recently, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and TRAX’s Jungmo, who talked about the topic about why they look up to the hottest duo as of late, Yoo Seyoon and Muze of UV who appeal to people regardless of gender and age as their role model, appeared as their project team M&D on the Mnet show “The Beatles Code” that is hosted by Yoon Jongshin and Yoo Seyoon.

The female lead of the movie “Quick” Kang Yewon, who guested on the Beatles Code with them, talked about the painful story about how she majored in vocals while she was in university, and was unable to sing as well as she did in the older times after undergoing a surgery for vocal cord nodules, resulting in her developing a fear for it. Kim Heechul, whom listened to the story with full attentiveness, greatly sympathised with Kang Yewon’s words, and told about his personal experience which was similar (to hers).

Heechul retold about his painful experience, (saying that) ”In the past during Super Junior’s ‘U’ activities, I received a blow because my voice cracked (during the performance), and I gradually avoided singing after that”, confessing how he suffered during those difficult times. However, thanks to the encouragement from TRAX’s Jungmo, he could sing again. He also said that he was happy to be able to do music again, and he was able to realise the new reality and find himself.

Heechul said that “At that time Jungmo gave me courage by saying that ‘hyung is the most beautiful when doing music’. That’s why M&D was able to be formed”, and told about how he was able to go towards the direction of his most earnest dreams in music by performing M&D activities.

Accordingly, Jungmo found out about Heechul’s hidden talents in writing lyrics, which was unknown (prior to this). Jungmo said that “The lyrics of M&D’s songs are written by Heechul hyung(,) these days people who are able to write such lyrics are rare (to be found)”, creating a warm atmosphere at the recording studio by talking about Heechul’s unique thoughts that was different from others, and about his ability to write interesting and unique lyrics, setting him apart from the others.

It will be broadcasted at midnight of the 21st.

Source: Newsen
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET | proper credit: sup3rjunior.wordpress
Reup & Posted Sói@bcwithsj13

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