[110818] Version B of Super Junior 5th album ‘Mr. Simple’ will be Released on 22nd!

Version B of Super Junior 5th album ‘Mr. Simple’ will be Released on 22nd!

New Song ‘SUPERMAN’ is Included in the Album!

Version B of Super Junior’s 5th album will be released on the 22nd of this month.

New song ‘SUPERMAN’ is included in the Version B with 12 songs which were already included in version A so the album is enough to present charms and various music styles of Super Junior.

New song ‘SUPERMAN’ is a minimalism Hip-Hop song which claims to support S.M.P. The melody is formed with lower register sound so the flow of the song is very impressive. The Lyric presents Super Junior’s passion and attitude for the music and stages with humorous expressions so it doubles the interest of the song.

In addition, album jacket of version B is designed in different style from version A. If the jacket of version A showed surprising changes of Super Junior, jacket of version B presents the masculine and powerful images of Super Junior, so it’s predicted to receive tremendous responses from music fans.

Especially, version A of ‘Mr. Simple’ already received explosive responses from fans by being ranked on 1st place of this year’s (Jan. 1st ~ Aug. 16th) album sales (130,000 album sales) according to Hanteo Chart and it’s proving the sales power of Super Junior who recorded the ‘Album King’ for two consecutive years.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is recently performing with the title song, ‘Mr. Simple’ and sweeping various music charts.

Source: Super Junior’s Facebook
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