[110825] Kyuhyun, transforms into a rocker with TRAX’s Jungmo. “Forget about the Ballad”

Super Junior Kyuhyun transformed into a rocker.

The episode of KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song2 – Singing the Legend’ which will air on August 27th, idol singers performed various hit songs of the legendary Kim Wansun. Among those singers, Kyuhyun will try rock for the very first time.

Kyuhyun chose Kim Wansun’s ‘Pretend Party’ which was in her 5th album. Kyuhyun performed this song on stage with shocking arrangement, which is rock.

On the show, Kyuhyun performed on stage with TRAX’s Jungmo to emphasize the rock. The makeup and the clothes matched his rock concept, and Kyuhyun transformed 180 degrees from the ballad which he persued so far.

Also, Kyuhyun, who sang with his unique sweet voice, will sing very high notes. Also, he showed a rocker like side by getting into the beat with Jungmo’s guitar.

Meanwhile, Super Junior Kyuhyun’s shocking transformation into a rocker with amazing vocals can be verified on KBS ‘Immortal Song – Singing the Legend’ at 5:50 PM on August 27th.

Translated by Jee (
Reup & posted by @BC_950922




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