[110825] Super Junior takes over music charts in Germany as well

With their recent comeback, Super Junior has been taking over every music chart in Korea and picking up awards on the music shows left and right. Fans in Germany are not strangers to getting their favorite artists on top of their charts as well. Many artists have recently topped the VIVA Clip Charts.

This week, Super Junior topped another German Chart. On the StarFlash chart, Super Junior came in first place with their comeback track, “Mr. Simple,” beating out Sunrise Avenue’s “I Don’t Dance” by almost double the points (12349 and 6905 respectively). Super Junior became the first and only artist to ever take over first place on the chart.

Super Junior is currently receiving much love from countries overseas. Fans in France went crazy over the SMTOWN Live in Paris concert earlier this year, which Super Junior performed at.

Currently, fans all over the world are going crazy about Super Junior’s recent comeback. The music video for their title track “Mr. Simple” has reached over 8 million views on SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel since it was released on August 4, 2011. According to StarFlash, fans in Germany and all over the world are calling Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” dance the “Wash & Dry Your Hands” dance. Netizens pointed out that Super Junior’s dance for the chorus of “Mr. Simple” looks like the members have just washed their hands and they are trying to shake them dry.

Super Junior recently released Version B of their 5th album, “Mr. Simple.” They will be following up their performances of “Mr. Simple” with their latest track, “Superman.”

What do you think of Super Junior’s explosive comeback with “Mr. Simple” and their follow up track, “Superman”?

Credit: Hexie and StarFlash (1 & 2), koreaboo
Posted by @BC_950922


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