[110923/NEW] Netizens praise Super Junior’s Donghae as an ‘angel’


Super Junior‘s Donghae has been receiving praise for his kind heart.

Recently on Twitter, someone put out a desperate call asking for help. She tweeted, “An unni I know is suffering from acute osteomyelodysplasia, but it’s recently gotten much worse. In addition, she doesn’t match any of her siblings, so she can’t receive bone-marrow transplant from them, and will have to under go surgery. She is also undergoing anti-cancer treatment and this surgery will not be covered by insurance, so she is having a really tough time. In order to keep receiving blood transfusions, she needs a lot of blood donor cards! Please help ㅠㅠ.” (In Korea, a person with a blood donor card is able to receive one unit of blood free of charge)

Donghae happened to see her tweet while browsing on Twitter, and responded, “Hello, this is Super Junior’s Donghae. I’m contacting you after seeing your message. This is about the blood donor card, so if you could tell me your phone number, I’ll be in touch.”

Touched by his message, the girl responded expressing her gratitude and revealed that she happened to be a fan. This exchange caught the attention of the Korean Red Cross, who tweeted, “Wow.. Donghae, you are so cool”.

Netizens seeing Donghae’s kind gesture commented, “Donghae, you are an angel,” “He is so kind hearted!” and “You’ve inspired me to do the same.”



Source: Donghae, melodynletter, Korean Red Cross Twitter accounts

Via: allkpop

Re-uploaded and posted: Channie@BCwithSJ13



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