[110923] Kim Jang Hoon and Heechul release a duet track “Break Ups Are So Like Me” Teaser

Singer Kim Jang Hoon and Super Junior’s Heechul plan to release a new duet song.

On the 23rd, Kim tweeted, “Here are the teaser video for the new song I release in nearly four years. I am grateful for Heechul who worked so hard, and I would like to repay him by making it a hit song.”

In the teaser video that Kim put up online shows Kim and Heechul singing together, dancing, fooling around, and walking together.

“Break Ups Are So Like Me” is a cheerful song with orchestral music. Although it was originally planned to have Heechul sing 20% of the song, it was upgraded to a duet after Kim heard Heechul sing in person.

Kim said, “The song will be released on September 26 at midnight. I have my hopes high to make it into a hit song. It’s quite an additive song.”

Netizens who watched the teaser video commented: “I can’t wait!” “Two great singers compose a song together.” “I bet it’ll be a hit song.” “I want to see what the song is like!”

Source: Starnewspretzyc2h
Posted by @BC_950922


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