[111105/NEWS] Goong Geum Ta says Super Sunior is not an idol group because members’ average age is 26.5

Y-Star’s Goong Geum Ta gave clear answers to the ambiguous standards of top celebrity and idol group.

Goong Geum Ta‘s staffs interviewed people to find an answer for the question, “What is the standard of top celebrity?”

As a result, the top celebrities that came up in people’s mind were Lee Byung Hun, Bae Young Jun, Rain, and Song Seung Hun, and what they had in common was that they were commercial models for duty-free shops. Therefore, in addition to standards of general celebrity such as number of times being cast as the lead role in a drama and experiences as a commercial model of a major company, popularity in overseas countries is also needed to be acknowledged as a top celebrity.

Another ambiguous question people asked was, “What is the standard of idol group?” To this question, people gave diverse kinds of answer. Some of the answers were, “over 80% of people who buy songs of the idol group must be teenagers,” “The idol group’s members have to live together,” “Number of their fans has to be over 100,000.”

Among them, the most reasonable standard was idol group members’ average age. If the members’ average age is over 25, it is hard to see them as an idol group. According to this standard, Super Junior, one of the most popular idol groups, is not an idol group anymore because the members’ average age is 26.5.

Besides, there were other ambiguous questions asked such as the criteria that divide ordinary fans and sasaeng fans and ones that divide celebrity’s plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure. Answers for these questions can be checked on Goong Geum Ta airing on the 5th at 11:00 pm.

Source: TV Report | Via
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