[111107/NEWS] Hangeng updates his Weibo page with a sixth anniversary commemoration message

Chinese superstar Hangeng took some time out to update his Weibo with an anniversary message and picture, as it has been a grand total of six years since his debut into the music industry.

Preceding a lawsuit with SM Entertainment, Hangeng rose to fame as one of the thirteen original members of renowned group Super Junior. On November 6, 2005, the date which he mentions in the message, Super Junior debuted with their first performance of “Twins (Knock Out).”

In his Weibo post, Hangeng spoke of his debut date and the gratitude he holds towards the successful progression of his career up until today. He also notes that he hopes to remain true to himself no matter how many years pass.

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The message reads, “Today is the 6th anniversary since appearing for the first time on stage on 6th November 2005. Whether it was starting from music in 2005, focusing on movies in 2011, or 2012 and beyond, I’ll continue to walk every step steadily. Under different times and environments, I just want to be the same true ‘Hangeng’. From six years, until the future, thank you for keeping me company and letting my dreams continue to become true.”

Fans have been touched by his message and took to congratulating him upon the six year mark. Many left heartfelt comments, saying, “I miss you, but I’m so proud of you. Congrats on your 6 years,” “We appreciate him for who he is and we will give him our utmost support,” and “Even if he didn’t mention Super Junior, seeing this message makes me really happy.”

In related news, celebrations for Super Junior’s special day went on in various ways. Taiwanese Super Junior fans showed their love by collecting money to fly a blimp in honor of their sixth anniversary, while Super Junior member Ryeowook tweeted an old picture of the group for viewers to reminisce upon.

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Congratulations to Hangeng on his 6th anniversary since his debut!

Source: Hangeng’s Weibo, koreaboo
Posted by @BC_950922


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