[111112/NEWS] Super Junior’s Donghae to sing his first Mandarin solo song + drama “Skip Beat” information revealed

Earlier this year, Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon were in Taiwan for a long stay. While the rest of the Super Junior M members were busy promoting their mini-album, “Perfection,” Donghae and Siwon were occupied with the filming of a Taiwanese drama, “Skip Beat.” Now, after more than half a year’s wait for the release of the drama, it has been revealed that the drama will finally air in mid-December!

It has been revealed that the first showing of the drama is expected to be held on December 14th, and the agencies for the main actors and actress are working hard to ensure that they will be able to attend despite a full schedule. In particular, it is expected that there will be an awards show held on the 14th in Korea; however, a possible plan has been put together by SM Entertainment for Donghae and Siwon to miss the rehearsal in the morning in order to fly to Taiwan, and then fly back to Korea after staying only for six hours in order to attend the awards show.

Aside from the first showing, other information regarding the drama has also been released. It was revealed that Donghae and Siwon mostly did not act in Mandarin during the filming of the drama, and thus their voices will be dubbed. Additionally, the drama’s opening song, titled “Extravagant Solo,” was revealed to be sung by Super Junior M, while the ending song, titled “This is Love,” is composed and sung by Donghae. As this will be his first Mandarin solo song, Donghae has high hopes that everyone will enjoy the song.

Check out the promotional posters for the drama below! Will you be watching the drama when it comes out?

Source:  GTV
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Posted  by @BC_950922


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