[111112/NEWS] Super Junior’s Leeteuk is proved to be the best husband


Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who is enjoying virtual wedlock with Kang So Ra, never seems to stop supporting her.

On the episode of We Got Married that aired on the 5th, Leeteuk and Kang Sora enjoyed their third date.

Leeteuk accompanied Kang Sora to the airport, who was heading for the Busan International Film Festival.

Leeteuk was so worried about Sora, who didn’t seem to be wearing warm enough to him that he gave her Super Junior’s team jumper. He also challenged to drink Americano, which he doesn’t usually like to have.

Leeteuk, who he says usually likes to drink ice-chocolate drink, tolerated having bitter Americano for his virtual wife.

Leeteuk also made a surprise event by boarding the plane without letting Sora know, which made her happy. Leeteuk accompanied Kang all the way to Busan while there was Super Junior’s fan meeting was going on in Seoul. Kang Sora didn’t hide her joy. “If this wasn’t on a plane, I would scream for joy.”

Leeteuk gave her a silver bracelet as a present, encouraging her to be the best actress on the red carpet.

On arriving Busan, Leeteuk continued supporting Sora. He tried to keep her safe from cameras and reporters.

Source: TV Report
Translation by: cloud2c2h |
Posted by @BC_950922


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