[111113/NEWS] Latest Selca From Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae Makes Fangirls Swoon

Super Junior has never let their fans down in any ways. When it comes to singing, dancing or acting, the boys would always impress fans with their talents and skills. Not only that, they have the looks as well! Member Yesung shared a recent selca taken with fellow member Donghae showing off their charms.

The idol tweeted, “Leaving good memories with little buddy. Everyone, good night?”

In the photo, both idols are seen wearing black suits, standing side by side with each other with a killer sweet smile enough to melt fangirls’ hearts. We usually see the idols in stylish and fancy clothes on stage, I guess seeing them in formal attires once a while is good for your eyes.

Is there a thing in this world that these boys can’t do? I doubt there’s any.

Credit: Ningin
Posted by @BC_950922

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