[111114/NEWS] Donghae’s Letter to a girl student

To Ye Eun hello!
I am a 26 year old idol oppa!!
Oppa coincidentally came to your classroom to film!
I also sat on Ye Eun, your seat!
Ye Eun-ah, don’t trust men. There aren’t many good guys.
If it’s oppa then it’ll be clear!
Aren’t you curious as to who oppa is..
Oppa is not just in Asia, but catching attention around the world as a famous idol singer.
You know (he crosses it out here) what? You don’t know?
Looking at these words, Ye Eun needs to (blurry) then it’ll be fine.
The weather is getting cold… beware of catching a cold.. don’t get sick.. you need to be happy.
Our Ye Eun, fighting!!
2011.11.13 PM 10:50

Sorry for randomly writing a letter.

Trans Chinese: PSYCHO | English: minbunny
Posted by @BC_950922

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