[111114/NEWS] 10 Male Idols who would make good boyfriends

It is the dream of many fangirls to have their favorite male idols as their boyfriends and those fangirls would probably die of bliss if that were to happen. But from what we know of said male KPOP idols and their personalities that we see, quite a few of them would make good boyfriends. Aren’t you curious to know which of your favorite KPOP male idols would make the list?

Super Junior’s Donghae.
Now, you might be wondering why I chose Donghae over Siwon. Yes, Siwon is a perfect gentleman and such, but he’d have this long line of girls fawning over him and girls who are with popular guys always get heckled by jealous girls (ring a bell? Mangas, K-dramas, etc.). Well, I guess you would get heckled if you’re with Donghae, but his cuteness and his sweet disposition will protect you from those girls. I think. Well, the guy is sweet – gotta give him credit for that.

-irrelevant news omittied-

Credit: Ningin | Via
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