[ENGTRANS] Super Junior Sport Seoul interview


Reporter: Is there someone among the members who acts like a mother? Someone who takes care of the members well?

Donghae: Ryeowook is like that. He’s good at washing the dishes and when he sees food in the refrigerator, he asks the members “Do you want me to make something for you?”. He’s good at cooking too.

Reporter: Who has the most severe sleeping habits?

Leeteuk: Shindong. He snores very loudly and takes off all his clothes. When our Auntie first came to clean the dorm, she went to Shindong’s room and was very shocked haha.

Reporter: What are some advantages and disadvantages of living in a dorm?

Leeteuk: The disadvantage is that there is no privacy. To be honest I want to date and meet a girlfriend, but if I’m in my room quietly talking to someone on the phone, members will keep coming in asking “Who are you talking to?”. However, there are more advantages. You don’t get lonely. There’s always a friend in a dorm you can talk to if you’re tired.

Donghae: I want to live like this until I die. Because it’s so good. But later when we get married, we’ll need our own houses. So we say when we get married we’ll be next-door neighbors.

Reporter: No matter how comfortable dorm life is, are there times when you miss your own houses?

Sungmin: We can’t go to our family’s homes because of our work. I miss my home when there is family talk on TV or when there is nothing to eat in the dorm.

Reporter: There are members who want to live separately, away from dorms? No?

Leeteuk: There are no members like that. If you live in a dorm you have an Auntie that cooks, does laundry, cleans, and takes care of everything. All of these fees are paid by our company so dorm life requires no money. To be honest, I’m leaving for military service this year and I was thinking of taking out my room. Honestly, I want to leave it locked so no one can get in. However my door is a sliding door, so you can’t lock it, haha.

Reporter: Is there anything you would like in terms of your dorm?

Leeteuk: I wish there was a new dining table and a sofa on the 12th floor. We’ve been using the same one since we debuted. I would like dining table chairs with backs to them. When we use chairs without backs to them when we eat or rest, our hips hurt, haha.

Sungmin: I wish there was a different TV on the 11th floor. I would like a bigger screen.

Ryeowook: On the 12th floor, we saved our money and bought a 20 inch TV screen. Now we changed it to 50 inches.

trans: yooja@tumblr

re- up: Snow@BCwithSJ13


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