[IMPORTANT] VOTE FOR MAMA! Please read and spread this!

Super Junior is nominated for 5 categories. Best Male Group, Best Global Male Group, Best Dance Perfomance – Male Group, Song of the Year and Artist of the Year.

Vote here:

This year you can’t vote through Facebook and Twitter account. Just only Mnet Account. So we make a decision.

1. For those who don’t have time to vote. You guys can mention us (@BCwithSJ13) your email , after we registration an account for you, we will tell you to go to your email and confirm it! They will give you a serial number and a link, you just need to click the link and type that serial then click ‘confirm’ button. After that please mention us (@BCwithSJ13) you’ve confirmed it.

You MUST mention us after you confirm. Because we don’t have time to check that account is confirmed or not. So if you don’t mention us that’s mean we will not use those accounts.

2. For those who already have Mnet Account and don’t have much time to vote too. You guys can send your email and password to When you done please mention us (@BCwithSJ13) that you have sent. Tell us your email, we will check our email to make sure we have received it. After we receive your email, we will reply!

*Note: Except Super Junior, if you love any artist or idol or group and you want to vote for them(or dont want to vote for who). Please tell us their category, cuz we will vote with our opinion so may be not like yours.

3. For those who have free time to vote but don’t have many accounts. Please mention us (@BCwithSJ13) about that. Tell us your email, we will give you some accounts to vote. We have about over 200 accounts right now and really need your help!


One more things about vote:

This year we have an event ‘Vote Together’:

This event is about share the MAMA voting to your friend through this

Copy the link (like this):

Share to your facebook/twitter/weibo/google+/etc..

When people come to the MAMA homepage through your links and vote, the invitation points go up.

We need 20 points for 1 flag that’s mean we need 20 clicks.

When you have 20 points you can hang a support flag to SJ!

With the flag ranking you can click that link to know more.

Note: I heard that some people can’t sign out the account, so I give you a tip: You just need click the ‘sign out’ so many times and it must quickly till they log out your account. It really work! You must try ^^

We will give you a Vietnamese translation later. For oversea fans if you have any question just mention @BCwithSJ13. Thanks


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