[TRANS/NEWS] 121230 Ryeowook took a beautiful shot in a naturally face with ‘gentle eyes’


Super Junior Ryeowook has published a photo, it has an exceptional visual appeal.

At the 30th morning, Ryeowook has tweeted this photo with ‘goodnight ~~~~~~~^^ (taken) in the midst of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio ~kya i have to sleep but… I can’t sleep(.) Who can sing me a lullaby ~~♥ fighting even until tomorrow’s gayo daejejeon~!!!!!’* in his personal twitter.

Ryeowook in that picture, despite he didn’t put on make up and rough fashion I can even see his beautiful face appeal in the first time.

Reminiscent of a teenager, with a special gentle eyes and fair skin, it has attracted a lot of attention.

Internet users who see this photo have left comment like: ‘Even though a man, he is still beautiful’, ‘I wonder why he is so beautiful’, ‘so charming’, ‘he is a beautiful model’.

Super Junior has joined ‘SBS Gayo Daejun 2012’ on December 29th, they has performed ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, it was a  brilliant stage.

* Ryeowook’s tweet translated by @teukables


Engtrans by @BCwithSJ13


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