[130325/ENGTRANS] SJ’s twitter update (YS, EH, SD, KI, RW)


1. playing while wearing Kangin’s wig in the concert waiting room.. What is this.. (he deleted this tweet)

2. Really?Seriously? RT @GaemGyu Ah..Yesung-ee hyung’s stage today was really good!Really really good!

Shindong: Person I am!!! Shindong is?? 850928
Loves to play but cares about how others view him. Tries very hard to live a conservative, bright, and proper life. Is not good at solving one’s own problems but good at solving others’ problems. Very realistic.
Wow! This is, so correct! Keke


1. Our beloved ELF who have been together with us for two days, thank you so so much!!!!! Because this concert had more headbangings than usual, my neck still hurts and my entire body aches… but in my heart, I want to perform again today too.. You know I really really love you guys right? See you again!!!

2. Now!! Should I talk about the concert? kk. This time, we gave much care even in the songs list~ We wanted to do songs that we haven’t shown or haven’t had you hear yet! And as you know, the song Donghae, Siwon, Henry, and I performed was composed by Henry and lyrics composed by me, is called “so cold”!! We will later let you listen to it with official digital gversion!! We all had our own concepts in the dance performance but I think we were not good in showing those concepts, so I feel a bit disappointed.ㅜㅜ Shindong Hyung was a zombie, I was a werewolf, Donghae was a vampire… kk ah!! And members said some parts wrong~ the VCR stories are not suppose to connect, only the concept of ‘spies’ was present in all of them~ There are many people disappointed about me not having a solo stage~ but reaching Super Show 5, we wanted to show a new stage with perfection so we tried performing with Yesung hyung, because this would be his last performance (before going to army), Kangin hyung who returned, and a unique colored ‘unit’~. It should change in Super Show 6 ~? Please anticipate a lot kk do you have any more questions to ask?

3. ah! and the tour around South America will be our first performances (in those countries) and the conditions to make the stages is different so the set list will change greatly!! Park Jung Hoon producer, who is taking care of production this time! and Shim Jae Won hyung-ah who couldn’t sleep because you were making choreographies for us!! and manager hyungs, dancers, hair/makeup/stylists, and all other staffs, you all worked hard!! Let’s do the world tour this time very cooly!!


1. I felt touched~~^^!! Let’s meet again in Seoul after we do Super Show 5 well~~!!! Okay~??~~ I’m going to China~~ I am a bit tired due to doing too much?! yesterday when we ate out kkk but… I will do schedule well and return. Kya kya I love you ♥

2. Before going to China, I will do a storm of tweets~!!! kkk ate out (after SS5)~~^^!!! with members ~~~

3. Yesung Zhoumi Kyuhyun Henry ~^^!!!!

4. It’s F(x)~~!!!^^ with Victoria kyakya

5. with F(x) Luna~~^^ Thanks to your prayers, we finished well. Thank you ~~

6. snap with B1A4 too ~~^^ Thank you~~ Sandeul, let’s eat ^^

7. my dongsaeng Kyungsoo~~ and a snap with D.O. ^^!! Thank you~~ You boy, stop becoming cooler. kkk Everyone from EXO, thanks~ ^^!!!

8. Our Ailee praised by saying “How am i supposed to live without you” was the best ! Thanks~~^^!!! Let’s do Immortal Song again together kk

9. Sukira family ~!!!^^ thank you ~~~♥ Park Jung Yu PD-nim, Big Flower Noona, Ho Script writer noona, and Ahyoo script writer

10. SS5 Congratulating cake is mine ~^^ This time, when we ate out, we all yelled “Super Junior to the world”~!!^^ It’s the words we shouted when we ate out for first time after Super Show1… Dream is becoming real~^^ i will return well after doing the tour~♥

11. no more after this~~ kk revealing everything including this last picture~~ kkkk

12. it’s Sukira~!!!!!^^ Ate a lot of meat with Sungmin-ee hyung kk

13. Noona i miss youㅠㅠ @moi_jj: yesterday, i uploaded a picture of me wearing a hijab and i received a storm of mentions from friends in Islamic regions. This is all thanks to(?) Super Junior’s Ryeowook. I feel now that Ryeowook is popular globally. Ryeowook, are you watching this?


1. Oppa is sorry Ga-In..

2. wow. Two days passed very quickly like a dream. I felt like i dreamed it kk. thank you so much

Engtrans by @NKSubs



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