[PIC] 130112 FRaU magazine with K.R.Y. [11P]

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[ENGTRANS] Super Junior’s 2013 new year messages


Yesung: ELF!! Only unconditional happiness in 2013~! ok?! Receive lots of good fortune~♥

Ryeowook: [TOP]I love you~* Happy new year everyone~♥ [BOTTOM] ELF that are all over the world :> Happy new year!!!

Sungmin: [TOP] Stay healthy~♥
[BOTTOM] Wow~my birthday! 1st January♥ Everyone(,) stay happy together with Sungmin throughout the entire year! ♥

Kyuhyun: 2013 year of snake!!
Year of the snake!! Be filled with only good things! ^_^

Kangin: 2013(,) have a cool start!! Fighting!!

Eunhyuk: 2013!! Be a protagonist~!! i love you~♥

Shindong: [TOP] 2013 I am..29..ㅠㅠ…
[BOTTOM] snake~~♥
Everyone(,) in the new year~~lots and lots of good fortune~♥

Donghae: the ELF that I love(,) be together with us in 2013 too! Please give lots of love to SJM’s new album too!

Engtrans by @teukables

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[TRANS/NEWS] 121230 Ryeowook took a beautiful shot in a naturally face with ‘gentle eyes’


Super Junior Ryeowook has published a photo, it has an exceptional visual appeal.

At the 30th morning, Ryeowook has tweeted this photo with ‘goodnight ~~~~~~~^^ (taken) in the midst of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio ~kya i have to sleep but… I can’t sleep(.) Who can sing me a lullaby ~~♥ fighting even until tomorrow’s gayo daejejeon~!!!!!’* in his personal twitter.

Ryeowook in that picture, despite he didn’t put on make up and rough fashion I can even see his beautiful face appeal in the first time.

Reminiscent of a teenager, with a special gentle eyes and fair skin, it has attracted a lot of attention.

Internet users who see this photo have left comment like: ‘Even though a man, he is still beautiful’, ‘I wonder why he is so beautiful’, ‘so charming’, ‘he is a beautiful model’.

Super Junior has joined ‘SBS Gayo Daejun 2012’ on December 29th, they has performed ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, it was a  brilliant stage.

* Ryeowook’s tweet translated by @teukables


Engtrans by @BCwithSJ13


[OFFICIAL PIC] 121229 SBS Gayo Daejun 2012 Rehearsal

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[INTERVIEW] Ceci Thailand with Donghae

 Q: Anyone having special responsibility while Leeteuk is in the Army?

Donghae: Eunhyuk said that he is the leader during SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IN BANGKOK right?, but he was joking. We only have one and forever leader, Leeteuk but we are trying our best so that our fans won’t feel something missing just like Eunhyuk jokingly did. Before Leeteuk’s enlistment, we had an audition within the group speaking and doing Super Junior pose (laugh) everyone have to face Leeteuk and do it one by one. Normally Leeteuk stands on the left hand side and begins first then the rest will follow, right? The one who did best will starts first. It was just because Eunhyuk did best (in audition) so he is now standing on the left and starts first!


Q: You have been together for 7 years, among the members, who is the most unexpected?

Donghae: We have debuted for 7 years but in fact we have known each others since 12-13 years old hmm (thinking) I’m thinking who, but I can’t since it was long time ago. I’ll pick on my closest and loveliest Eunhyuk then. (Laugh) We were friends since we were kids and we decided to share all the secrets so I tell him everything but Eunhyuk never tells me a thing. So, I feel sad why he was like that. We also fight sometime like “I told you my everything and you told me nothing” and he always like “Okay let me think first” and end up with telling me nothing (laugh)


Q: What’s your outstanding point that you feel confidence over anyone else and what’s your weakness?

Donghae: Let me start with my weakness. I always lose when I play games with our members. My outstanding point is I really love my friends. I can give anything they want and I’m sure that I’m no.1. Like I give my all to all Super Junior members. Even Eunhyuk never tells me his secret, I still love him anyway.


Q: Please tell me one of your secret

Donghae: The secret is secret, how can I tell you! I. Fact I have no secret since I told all to Eunhyuk so it’s no longer a secret!

Engtrans by @LetsEHlover

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[OFFICIAL] 121220 Sukira update – Ryeowook & Sungmin [6P]

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[STAFF REQUIREMENT] We’re looking for Korean and Chinese Translator

We’re looking for Korean and Chinese Translator. Who have interest please fill this and send to our email




Personal account:

How many hours do you spend for online?

You know Korean or Chinese?

First: Can translate into English without using Google Translate. And you MUST be good in English!

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Third: you can shorten information.

After sending your application to our email, we will send you a short passage to translate.

If you do well, we will give you 2 weeks for test.

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